Enforcement of Environmental Laws within REINA Areas CY 2011


To intensify more and sustain forest protection and law enforcement within REINA Areas, DENR Central Office thru the FMB allotted an additional budget of 2.5 million. The activities involved the surveillance and patrolling of 399,000 hectares of forestlands within the provinces of Laguna, Quezon and Rizal and the maintenance seven (7) chokepoints to properly monitor the entry and exit of forest products. Also, the DENR Sub-station (chokepoint) in Maya Farm located at So. Hinudyungan, Brgy. Sampaloc, Tanay, Rizal was rehabilitated to ensure a safety station for the assigned Forest Rangers. Likewise, intensified Information Education Campaign (IEC) in the form of forum, meetings, dialogues and distribution of copies of EO 23 and Resolution 2011-03 were being conducted in the “Hot spot areas” in Infanta, Gen. Nakar and Polilio Group of Islands for the awareness of the community and collaboration and partnership with the LGUs, Military, Church-Based NGO’s and PO’s as such.

The intensified anti-illegal logging campaign efforts which aimed to minimize if not end the incidence of illegal logging/cutting within the REINA areas resulted to confiscation/apprehension of a total of 830.46 cubic meter ( 352,120.64 board feet/ 3,746 pieces) of round logs and flitches with an estimated value of P3,135,294.60. The apprehended/intercepted illegally cut forest products are comprised of the following:

-Brgy.Umiray, Gen. Nakar, Quezon and Dingalan, Aurora 549.94 cubic meters ( 233, 176.60 board feet/2, 583 pieces) of round logs and flitches with an estimated value of P 1,757,086.80;


-Brgy.Canaway Gen. Nakar, Quezon 89.06 cubi c meters (37,765 board feet/354 pieces) of round logs and flitches with an estimated value of P566,477.40;


-Brgy. Poblacion, Pankulan, Quezon 191.46 cubic meters ( 81, 179.04 board feet/809pieces) of round logs and flitches with an estimated value of P811,730.40.

Moreover, the Office conducted other pre-emptive measures like, daily monitoring and surveillance in coordination with Anti-illegal Logging Task Force under Gen. Renato Miranda (Executive Director, Anti-illegal Logging Task Force), Augmentation of personnel at Brgy. Umiray and Brgy. Canaway from CENROs, Pagbilao, Gumaca, Calauag and Catanauan, and creation of Local Anti-illegal Logging Task Force. Also, all the transhipment points in the Province of Rizal located at Brgy. Daraitan in Tanay and Brgy. Puray in Rodriguez, were manned by the dedicated Forest Rangers/Officers on twentyfour hour basis with the assistance of the military.