PAMB expands off limits areas in Mount Banahaw and Mount San Cristobal

 1 Mount Banahaw as seen from Lucban Quezon MOD

Department of Environment and Natural Resources Region 4A CALABARZON Executive Director Reynulfo A. Juan, concurrently Chairman of the Mounts Banahaw–San Cristobal Protected Landscape-Protected Area Management Board (MBSCPL-PAMB) said the restrictions covered in the PAMB’s Resolution No. 002-2012 is still in place until March 2015 and announced the board’s coming out with a new resolution to include areas in strict protection zones in Mount San Cristobal. PAMB Chair Juan called a special meeting on Wednesday, April 2.

Juan revealed that some 90.42 hectares area in Mount San Cristobal in Sitio Calo, Brgy San Cristobal were razed by fire on March 18, just a day before a 50 hectares area (as earlier estimated during the aerial surveillance) at the Durungawan in Mount Banahaw. Protected Area Superintendent Salud Pangan informed Juan that a team sent to the area to assess the damage on the ground has set the total area burned at 14.20 hectares. Read more...

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