PASus and APASus Geared Up to Write About Biodiversity

PASus and APASus Geared Up to Write About Biodiversity

          CALABARZON Protected Area Superintendents (PASU) and Assistant PASUs from 14 Protected Areas (PA) attended the 3-day “Learning Event on Technical Report Writing and Completed Staff Work” last July 25, 2019. The activity was conducted by the DENR CALABARZON Human Resource Development Section, in coordination with the Conservation and Development Division. This activity was organized to enhance the skills of the Protected Area Superintendents, for better communication with government and stakeholders.

          The first day focused on Technical Writing Tips and Techniques which include an English refresher course and basic principles of writing, discussed by Ms. Adreana Santos-Remo, Editor-in-Chief of the publications for the Ecosystems Research and Development Bureau (ERDB). She focused on the basics of grammar and how to write effectively and clearly. She shared that basic principles include: think first, then write, be straightforward, be careful in choosing your words, be mindful of sentence structures and do not overwrite. DENR CALABARZON Assistant Regional Director for Management Services, For. Nelson V. Gorospe, facilitated the discussion on the Formulation of Completed Staff Work (CSW). ARD Gorospe highlighted that CSWs should be well researched, coordinated and validated, analyzed extensively, simple, short and well written, and it should include options and recommendations.

          Atty. Maria Paz G. Luna presented a lecture on Biodiversity Conservation. She added that our country is rich in biodiversity, which means we have a bigger responsibility. “We have an obligation because we co-evolve with all of the other life forms, our existence depends on the web of life'' she added. She also facilitated a workshop on writing for memoranda, reports, and minutes of the meeting among others. She mentioned that, “in writing, motivational problems can often occur when we are not one with the objective of what we are doing”.



Highlights of RED Gilbert C. Gonzales' Message during the DENR CALABARZON New Year's Call on January 6, 2020

Jan 23


             DENR CALABARZON Regional Executive Director Gilbert C. Gonzales begins his message by acknowledging the 2019 accomplishments of CALABARZON officials as he called the names of the Regional Directors for Mines and Geosciences Bureau (MGB), Environment and Management Bureau (EMB), Assistant Regional Directors (ARDs) as well as the Division heads, Provincial Environment and Natural Resources Officers (PENROs), and Community Environment and Natural Resources Officers (CENROs) together with their Technical Services Division (TSD) and Management Services Division (MSD) Heads. He mentioned that most of the key officials had served the DENR for a longer period, thus, became experts and legends in accomplishing the targets of Region IV-A. Noting that all officials of CALABARZON are indeed responsible and dependable.


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