A Look at the Tawilis Closed Season

A Look at the Tawilis Closed Season

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            The implementation of the closed season for tawilis in Taal Lake, as supported by scientist and different stakeholders, began in March this year.For the whole months of March and April, no catching of tawilis is allowed.
           DENR CALABARZON received complaints of illegal commercial fishers all throughout the closed season from March 1 to April 30. This period is the most active spawning months for the tawilis based on the studies conducted by Associate Professor Alicia Pagulayan, M.Sc., from UST Department of Biological Sciences and Dr. Ma. Theresa Mercene Mutia from Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources. Both discussed the spawning season during the Tawilis Summit 2019.
          As the closed season ended, Lito De Villa, a private citizen residing in TVPL, is impressed with the increase in size of the Tawilis. “There is already some positive impact felt with the serious implementation of the closed season”, De Villa added. Tawilis reserve areas are the next implementation challenge.
            In addition to the enforcement of the two-month closed fishing season, The Taal Volcano Protected Landscape Protected Area Management Board (TVPL PAMB) is enforcing the strict compliances to the Unified Rules and Regulations for Fisheries (based on RA 10654, amending RA 8550 known as The Philippine Fisheries Code of 1998) and the compliance with the eNIPAS Act within TVPL. These include use of pesticides, waste burning, illegal discharge of wastewater, project implementation without ECC, and tree cutting without permit.
        The DENR CALABARZONis urging the public to report violations on the eNIPAS Act within TVPL and other ENR-related cases via sms to +639456215007/ +639083340224, email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or send us photos, videos and other information via https://www.facebook.com/DENR4AOfficial/ #DENRCalabarzon #TayoAngKalikasan
Photo courtesy of Mr. Lito de Villa


Highlights of RED Gilbert C. Gonzales' Message during the DENR CALABARZON New Year's Call on January 6, 2020

Jan 23


             DENR CALABARZON Regional Executive Director Gilbert C. Gonzales begins his message by acknowledging the 2019 accomplishments of CALABARZON officials as he called the names of the Regional Directors for Mines and Geosciences Bureau (MGB), Environment and Management Bureau (EMB), Assistant Regional Directors (ARDs) as well as the Division heads, Provincial Environment and Natural Resources Officers (PENROs), and Community Environment and Natural Resources Officers (CENROs) together with their Technical Services Division (TSD) and Management Services Division (MSD) Heads. He mentioned that most of the key officials had served the DENR for a longer period, thus, became experts and legends in accomplishing the targets of Region IV-A. Noting that all officials of CALABARZON are indeed responsible and dependable.


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