The PENRO Rizal recognized their Forest Rangers through an Awarding Ceremony conducted in celebration of World Ranger Day.

For. Ernesto M. Diso, Jr., shared the dynamic and significant role of the Forest Rangers in the course of forest protection, as well as the challenges they face in line with their sworn duties and responsibilities. 

The distribution of tokens and certificates were divided into three categories, namely, the loyalty awards, special awards, and major awards.

The loyalty awards were given for those who rendered their service for more than 10 years as a Forest Ranger. On the other hand, special awards were given to Forest Rangers who showed significant attitude in the conduct of their work. The major awards are given to the Forest Rangers who attained the greatest recorded number of apprehensions, patrol distance, and investigations. A major award, “Natatanging Tanod ng Kagubatan 2022”, was specifically given to the best performing Forest Ranger in terms of the overall recorded numbers of conducted apprehensions, acted investigations, and patrolled distance in LAWIN Patrol.

The activity aims to recognize and appreciate the conservation efforts of the Forest Rangers as they serve as the frontliners of environmental protection. The activity also commemorated the sacrifices of Forest Rangers who got injured and killed in the line of their work.