The DENR-CENRO Calauag, through the Maulawin Spring Protected Landscape (MSPL), paid a warm welcome to the members and staffs of Protected Area Management Board (PAMB) and Protected Area Management Office (PAMO) of Quezon Protected Landscape (QPL) during their visit at MSPL PASu Office in Brgy. Sisi, Guinayangan, Quezon, 18 May 2022.

Forest Technician II John Michael R. Apon, Assistant Protected Area Superintendent, provided a brief discussion regarding MSPL and introduced its PAMO staff and PAMB members. APASu Apon presented photographs of ecotourism spots; flora and fauna species found within MSPL; activities undertaken by the PAMB; and services derived from the said protected area.

On the other hand, Guinayangan Municipal Planning and Development Coordinator (MPDC), EnP Russel Narte, brought up a dialogue regarding the “Green Fund”. EnP Narte discussed that the latter is a non-traditional scheme of financing environmental protection which is implemented thru the imposition of fee (P10.00 per month) for the use of water by the residents of Guinayangan as stipulated under Ordinance No. 02, Series of 2014. He also added that the amount generated therein will go to a Trust Fund that is created specifically to protect and rehabilitate the watershed and other water sources within their municipality.

For. Julieta P. Narte, PENRO Technical Services Division Chief and concurrent Protected Area Superintendent of MSPL, discussed Integrated Protected Areas Fund (IPAF). She then explained and showed off that all the generated funds of the MSPL are from the ecotourism facilities in which they collect a visitor’s fee for the purposes of financing projects of the PA.

Afterwards, QPL PAMB members and PAMO staff, go about for a quick visit in the MSPL ecotourism facilities. They were assisted by MSPL PAMO staff and tour guides from the people’s organization. Some stayed at the cottages, enjoying the breathtaking scenery. Some took photos at the canopy walk, while the others have trekked up to the view deck.

For. Julieta P. Narte expressed gratitude and commended QPL PAMO Staffs and PAMB members for allotting time in visiting MSPL. The activity ended by distributing certificates to the speakers, attendees, and participants of the said undertaking.