San Francisco, Quezon─ In celebration of the Month of the Ocean (MOO) this May 2022, the Conservation and Development Section (CDS) of CENRO Catanauan involved the kindergarten students of Loawan Elementary School in Brgy. Silongin, San Francisco, Quezon in a lecture-telling activity anchoring its theme “Protect and Restore Ecosystems and Biodiversity” which is inspired by the United Nations Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development - The Science We Need for the Ocean We Want (2021-2030). The activity aims to educate young ones in the importance of marine biodiversity and what specific species that consist of it.

To have a better understanding of the different marine species and its role in maintaining our ocean’s biodiversity, an illustration of marine species were provided in an IEC material (drawing/coloring book) entitled “Hands on BiodiverSEAty:Protecting the Seas for You and Me” supported by an audio visual presentation (both are downloaded from the BMB website). They have discussed the content drawn and written in the book which includes the identification of different marine life species, its importance and how to protect them. Also, the student has given a useful flat tote bag bearing the theme of the Month of the Ocean.

Forest Technician II Elliane Jade Gadela from Conservation and Development Section and concurrent Information Officer of CENRO Catanauan, encouraged the students to dance the “Agos ng Buhay” in order to have a positive attitude on the protection, conservation and management of the ocean. She also said that our oceans have been part of our life since then and majority of our basic needs like food, medicine and livelihood etc. especially of those communities residing in the coastal areas comes from the said resource.

“This activity is simple yet effective in educating young people and builds a seed of hope within them. May this Month of the Ocean celebration be a thing of change for all of you now that you know our ocean’s biodiversity that needs our help and initiatives and be the one to take action for their protection,” Gadela said.