Thru the Monitoring and Enforcement and Regulation and Permitting Sections of Community Environment and Natural Resources Office (CENRO) Tayabas City, the compliance of ten (10) Certificate of Wildlife Registration (CWR) holders in Lucena and Tayabas Cities and Lucban, Quezon were monitored in October, for the 4th quarter of 2022.

CENRO Tayabas ensures that the same have no further collection of fauna from the wild, purchased, or received from other illegal sources. They were also regularly monitored on their submission of reports of all progeny bred from their facilities and of reports on all disposition and mortalities of any of their animal stocks. All monitored wildlife stocks and facilities of CWR holders are found to be in good condition and are well-maintained. 

The owners were further reminded that they must provide marking systems to those animal stocks found by the monitoring team without leg bands and in case there is any transport of the registered animals within the country, it should be accompanied by a Wildlife Local Transport Permit. 

Certificate of Wildlife Registration is given to private person/s and entities who possess threatened, non-threatened and exotic faunal species (based on the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) Administrative Order No. 2004-62 – Prescribing Fees and other Guidelines on the Implementation of DAO Nos. 2004-55 and 2004-58 Both Dated August 31, 2004 Pertaining to the Registration of Threatened, Non-Threatened and Exotic Faunal Species under the Jurisdiction of the DENR).

The primary purpose of the registration is to conserve, manage and protect its wildlife resources and to encourage the sustainable use of these resources. Also stated in this DAO, all wild faunal species including exotic species being possessed and maintained are required with the DENR.