The Community Environment and Natural Resources (CENRO) Catanauan, Quezon thru the Protected Area Management Board (PAMB) of Alibijaban Wilderness Area (AWA) has issued Show Cause Orders against 62 Resort Owners and settlers for violating Section 18 (n) Prohibited Acts of RA No. 11038 and PD No. 1067, Article 51 in Alibijaban Wilderness Area (AWA).

Assistant Protected Area Superintendent and PAMB secretariat Herbert Y. Hutamares said that violators were inspected to have been constructing a permanent structure, dwelling within the 20 meters’ legal easement, and conducting business enterprise without prior clearance from PAMB and Permit from the DENR.

Under R.A. No. 11038 as amended, Section 18 (n). Prohibited Acts- Except as may be allowed by the nature of their categories and pursuant to rules and regulations governing the same, the following acts are prohibited within the protected areas: Occupying or dwelling in any public land within the protected area without clearance  from the PAMB; Section 18 (o) Constructing, erecting, or maintaining any kind of structure, fence or enclosure, conducting any business enterprise within the protected area without prior clearance from the PAM and permit from area without prior clearance from the PAMB and permit from the DENR, or conducting these activities in a manner that is inconsistent with the management plan duly approved by the PAMB.

Presidential Proclamation No. 1067, Article 51.   The banks of rivers and streams and the shores of the seas and lakes throughout their entire length and within a zone of three (3) meters in urban areas, twenty (20) meters in agricultural areas and forty (40) meters in forest areas, along their margins, are subject to the easement of public use in the interest of recreation, navigation, floatage, fishing and salvage. No person shall be allowed to stay in this zone longer than what is necessary for recreation, navigation floatage, fishing or salvage or to build structures of any kind.

“The Department has given the said resort owners and settlers 15 days from receipt of the Show Cause Orders (SCOs) to submit appropriate and relevant documents that will prove their right to construct, reside and operate business enterprise in the foreshore and salvage area to the PAMB or at CENRO Catanauan.