CENRO Calauag released a juvenile Philippine Scops Owl (Otus megalotis) in Calauag Watershed Forest Reserve (CWFR) last April 2022. Said wildlife had been reported at the sidewalk of Maharlika Highway, Brgy. Angeles, Atimonan, Quezon, days before the release.

The bird was rescued on March 30 by Angeles Brgy. Captain Arnold Gilbuena and surrendered it to the Atimonan MENRO on the same date. Upon the receipt, MENRO Riza Ladines immediately reached CENRO Calauag to undertake measures for the safety of the rescued owl.

The wildlife was found weak and having conjunctivitis upon examination. Hence, MENRO Ladines decided to send the owl to a veterinarian for check-up and possible treatment.

Days later, as the veterinarian suggested that the owl is totally recovered and fit for release, the MENRO informed the CENRO Calauag for the scheduled date. The staff of MENRO Atimonan, CENRO Calauag Wildlife Enforcement Officer (WEO), and the personnel of Conservation and Development Section (CDS) of CENRO Calauag headed by their Chief, EMS II Novet Joy S. Pantalunan released the Philippine Scops Owl in CWFR in the afternoon of April 18, 2022.


Philippine Scops Owl is one of the sixteen species of owls in the Philippines. They are monogamous and are distributed in the holes of forest in the Philippines and some pine forest in the island of Luzon. This April, there are also reports of surrendered Philippine Scops Owl in different DENR offices in CALABARZON. ###