The DENR CENRO Calauag shared conservation and protection insights on coastal and marine ecosystems to the listeners of Radyo Natin Atimonan via radio program of A1E, “Kaisa sa Kaalaman” in celebration of Earth Month 2022.

Forest Technician I Hector S. Dañez, Assistant Focal Person of Coastal Marine Ecosystem Management Program (CMEMP) of CENRO Calauag, explained and enumerated the role and responsibilities of their office in protecting and conserving the coastal and marine ecosystem.

FT Dañez also discussed the importance of oceans, seas, and marine species and the services it provides to people and the environment. He stressed that anthropological and natural threats including ocean dumping, land runoff, dredging, ocean acidification, sea water level rising, and waste pollution ― will carry long-term effects to human health and massive destruction on biodiversity, if humans will not refrain from doing these activities.

Moreover, FT Dañez also enumerated and elaborated some of the environmental laws and the possible sanctions and penalties to those who will violate the said laws, that are being enforced by CENRO Calauag in order to protect the oceans or marine environment.

He discussed the Republic Act 9275 otherwise known as the Clean Water Act of the Philippines. He said that this law provides provisions for the abatement and control of pollution from land-based sources, and it also lays down standards and regulations on water quality.

FT  Dañez also mentioned and elaborated the Ecological Solid Waste Management Act of 2000 (RA 9003) and Toxic Substances and Hazardous and Nuclear Wastes Control Act of 1990 (RA 6969), and further cited examples of the prohibited acts under the said laws. Included here are the unauthorized dumping in waters of sewage sludge or solid waste as defined under Republic Act No. 9003; and transport, dumping or discharge of prohibited chemicals, substances or pollutants listed under Republic Act No. 6969, and operating facilities that discharge chemicals or the regulated water pollutants without the valid required discharge permit or after the permit was revoked for any violation of any condition therein.

During the closing, FT Dañez has encouraged the listeners to support DENR and CENRO Calauag in the implementation of activities, programs, projects relative to the conservation and protection of the coastal and marine environment. ###