January 19, 2022, a reticulated python was surrendered to PENRO Rizal after being captured within the vicinity of Solid Cement Housing Park. According to the witness, the said wildlife was found at a riffraff near a construction site and is headed towards a nearby subdivision.

Python reticulatus, commonly known as reticulated python, is a native snake species in Tropical Countries specifically in South and Southeast Asia including the Philippines. The reticulated python is considered to be the longest snake in the world weighing more than 300 pounds and can reach up to 25 feet long. These are widely distributed across most of the rainforests in the countries they are native in.

Due to natural and anthropogenic activities that degrade our environment, some of these wild animals end up in residential places and are hunted for food, used as materials for clothes, and kept illegally as pets. In order to protect and preserve the wildlife, the Republic Act 9147 known as Wildlife Resources Conservation Protection Act, aims to protect the wildlife by preventing unnecessary trading, regulating its transport, and securing its welfare and population. As such, proper procedures for turning over captured wildlife are implemented.

The reticulated python is currently being held at PENRO Rizal and will be turned over at the Biodiversity Management Bureau (BMB) to be properly taken care of and eventually be released back to its natural habitat.###