Personnel from DENR-PENRO, Quezon (PENRO and CENROs) accepted the challenge of PENRO Alfredo C. Palencia in the “Gulayan Project Challenge” by planting various vegetables (gardening) within their respective vacant lots/space using compost and the recycled materials available in their home. Different seeds were provided by Office of the Provincial Agriculturist (OPA) under “Project Danny Gulayan sa Bakuran Program”.

The planted vegetables seeds composed of pechay, bell paper, ladies finger (okra),string bean, squash, ginger, mustasa, lettuce, chili, radish, saluyot, kangkong, eggplant, calamansi, garlic, onion, sweet potato, alugbati, lemon grass, sambong, upo, sigarilyas, amplaya, cassava and other herbs and ornamental plants.