Infanta, QuezonChelonia mydas was found during the catching of fish using a fishing line on August 22. 2023 in the afternoon and transferred to Mr. William Hernandez a Bantay Dagat of the Local Government of Infanta, Quezon who resides in Brgy. Binulasan.

Mr. Hernandez coordinated with Ms. Melissa Salvan, Wildlife Extension Officer and Forest Technician I of CENRO Real, and the said wildlife was turned over to CENRO Real Office the following day.

The female green sea turtle weighs approximately twenty (20) kilograms and measures around 60cm x 55cm of carapace, 32 cm of fore flippers, 15 cm of hind flippers, and 16 cm of head length. The said marine wildlife was found healthy and with no wounds on her body, hence after inspection, it was released into the marine ecosystem at Barangay Bunulasan, Infanta, Quezon.

Chelonia mydas or the green sea turtle is the largest turtle of the Cheloniidae family which is found the largest green turtle ever measured 152 cm in length and 395 kilograms. Their habitat can be found mainly near the coastline and around islands or in bays, rarely observed in the open ocean, and protected shores, especially in areas with seagrass beds since their diet is to eat sea grass, algae, worms, young crustaceans, and aquatic insects.

DENR is encouraging the public to report any incidents of wildlife encountered or wildlife trading to the nearest DENR Offices or to DENR CENRO Real at telephone number (042) 536-6093 or CENRO Real hotline 0968 387 9968 / 0915 017 5419. ###