A citizen-complaint prompted MGB IVA to conduct an investigation in Lobo, Batangas regarding sand extraction along Lobo River. On July 06, 2018, three (3) Environmental Compliance Certificates (ECC) were issued to Seagate Engineering and Buildsystems for Desilting, Dredging and Remediation of Lobo River Estuary Foreshore, Lobo River Basin Periphery and in Brgys. Olo-olo, Poblacion, Tayuman, Mabilog na Bundok, and Nagtaluntong.

FS Suntan Sand Corporation has an ongoing quarrying and dredging operation in the area covered by its Industrial Sand and Gravel Permits issued by MGB.

MGB will issue a Cease and Desist Order against Seagate Engineering and Building Systems to ensure that no dredging/siphoning activities will be conducted without necessary permits. The Philippine Coast Guard is also requested to conduct constant monitoring. The effectivity of the ECCs are premised on the subsequent compliances with other conditions.

DENR CALABARZON Regional Executive Director Maria Paz Luna has ordered a review of all ECCs in Region 4A as to their subsequent compliance with conditions and to notify noncompliant holders of their deadlines, after which such noncompliance will render the ECC invalid. To date, EMB CALABARZON has suspended the ECC of Seagate.

The river drains to Verde Island Passage which owes its diversity to the rivers that feed it. It has been declared the “Center of the center of marine shorefish biodiversity in the world” by Dr. Kent Carpenter, an IUCN Global Marine Species Assessment Coordinator (and Victor Springer of the Smithsonian Institute).

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