DENR-CENRO Lipa witnessed the launching of an arboretum of native trees within the Lagadlarin Experimental Farm in Lobo, Batangas. This initiative is part of the ex-situ conservation efforts of the Energy Development Corporation (EDC) under its BINHI Program which aims to mainstream the Philippine threatened tree species.

Through the regenerative partnership between EDC and Batangas State University (BSU), efforts on research and conservation of trees endemic to our country are made available.

The project is also in line with the partnership between EDC and DENR-CENRO Lipa for an in-situ conservation project that aims to protect and conserve the natural habitats of the rarest and most threatened tree species indicated in the BINHI Priority List. Among the priority tree species is Philippine Teak (Tectona philippinensis), a forest tree species which can only be found in the country.

“Lobo is home to the critically endangered Philippine Teak, and while we witness it today, let us consider ourselves fortunate to be part of this event,” Lipa CENR Officer Allan Willard Estillore said during the launching.

82 of 41 species of Philippine Native Trees in the BINHI list were planted by representatives from DENR-CENRO Lipa, EDC, BSU Lobo Campus, and Municipal and Barangay LGU of Lobo Batangas. The planted species were from the family groups of Ebenaceae, Fabaceae, Lamiaceae, Anacardiaceae, Euphorbiaceae, Sapotaceae, Sapindaceae, Dipterocapaceae, Moraceae, Myrtaceae, Podocarpaceae, Araucariaceae, Dilleniaceae, Burseraceae.

BSU Lobo Campus is the 200th partner of EDC under the BINHI mainstreaming program, and the 33rd to have established an arboretum in partnership with the said corporation.