Macalelon, Quezon - CENRO Catanauan, Quezon facilitated an Orientation/Consultative Meeting with the Technical Working Group (TWG) for the formulation of Forest Land Use Plan (FLUP) in Macalelon, Quezon on February 01, 2023.

During the activity, the discussion focused on the legal basis of FLUP, importance of FLUP, the process flow and steps in undertaking FLUP, and the roles of the Municipal TWG led by Municipal Vice Mayor Hon. Carmen O. Vidal, and other stakeholders, in the formulation of the said plan. Likewise, the initial secondary data collected, such as maps of the forestlands in concerned barangays, were presented to the participants in order to validate the information. The FLUP team also encouraged the stakeholders to participate throughout the duration of the consultative meeting in formulating the plan.

FLUP is a participatory process of allocating forests and forestlands as a natural asset by the government under appropriate management, tenure arrangement, and eventually putting these assets according to their best uses in order to harmonize the uses of forestlands and to attain a balance of production activities with forest protection and biodiversity conservation. FLUP also serves as baseline data for the proper management and conservation of the forest and forestlands specifically in Macalelon, Quezon.

The activity was attended by the MTWG, DENR personnel, Barangay Captain of 10 barangays with FFL, and other stakeholders.