The PENRO Rizal successfully conducted a 3-day LAWIN Patrolling and Philippine Eagle sightseeing in Sitio Sadlak, Brgy. Sta Ines, Tanay, Province of Rizal spearheaded by the Kaliwa River Forest Reserve (KRFR) Protected Area Superintendent Joseph Calinog and various PENRO Rizal personnel.

The team started with a courtesy call to the barangay officials of Sta. Ines for the dissemination of information regarding the implementation of the DENR activities. According to the locals, they spotted a Philippine Eagle gliding within the boundary of Upper Marikina River Basin Protected Landscape (UMRBPL) and KRFR, so a guide assisted the team to the target place to confirm their claim. However, the weather is unfavorable for bird watching due to frequent downpours during the monitoring. Hence, they proceeded to LAWIN Patrolling, a crucial monitoring tool to protect the ecosystem through a science-based assessment using an integrated and innovative system and equipment. Upon observation, they encountered a rare endo-holoparasitic plant species, the Rafflesia flower (Rafflesia lagascae), and a species of leguminous perennial liana endemic to the tropical forests of the Philippines, the Jade vine (Strongylodon macrobotrys). These spectacular parasitic plants and flowers are indicators of a well-balanced and healthy ecosystem in the Protected Areas. 

Furthermore, the team walked 12.8 kilometers for the activity and accomplished monitoring most of the protected areas. The remaining 60km target will be implemented in other areas.