The PAMO-TVPL conducted a Biodiversity Monitoring System (BMS) within the three monitoring sites namely, Mt. Maculot, located in Brgy. Siete, Cuenca, Santo Cruz Route in Balete, Batangas and within the vicinity of Malagaslas river in Brgy. Paliparan, Laurel, Batangas in compliance with PAMB Resolution No. 65 S of 2020, as amended by PAMB Resolution No. 1 S of 2021.

The BMS is composed of four methods namely, Transects, Field Diary, Photo Documentation, and Focus Group Discussion. The transect walk in a portion of Mt. Maculot, Brgy. Siete, Cuenca, Batangas was conducted on April 5, 2022, the transect walk within Malagaslas river located in Brgy. Paliparan, Laurel, Batangas was conducted on April 6, 2022 and the transect walk in Santong Cruz route and transect cruise across the Taal lake going to Sitio Siaten, Brgy. San Sebastian, Balete, Batangas was conducted on April 27, 2022. The flora and fauna species seen during the transect walk were recorded.

The Focus Group Discussion (FGD), a component of the BMS, was held on April 7, 2022 in Cuenca, Batangas, and Laurel, Batangas while the FGD for Balete, Batangas was held on April 28, 2022. During the discussion, observable trends in biodiversity populations, environmental phenomena, and other issues were addressed. The discussion was facilitated by PAMO staff. A total of eighty (80) local residents of Cuenca, Batangas and Laurel Batangas, and fifty (50) local residents of Balete, Batangas.