One of the priority programs of the DENR is the National Greening Program (NGP), first implemented in 2011 under the Executive Order No. 26, and expanded through ENGP fulfilled under Executive Order No. 193.

To continuously monitor the graduated NGP sites established within the municipalities of Gumaca and Pitogo, Quezon, CENRO Calauag Team headed by CENR Officer Barros opted to visit NGP plantations established during the pilot years of its implementation.

Included in the sites visited were the 20-hectare CY 2012 Urban Roadside Plantation along Gumaca-Pitogo Road and the 278-hectare CY 2013 Timber Plantation located in Brgys. San Isidro Silangan and Villa Mendoza Gumaca, Quezon upon coordination with Brgy. Capt. Euprosina Tarasona.

Also, the group proceeded to the 20-hectare CY 2013 tree plantation established under Barangay Forest Program (BFP) in Villa Mendoza, Gumaca, Quezon and other 20-hectare BFP Tree Plantation located in Brgy. Casasahan Ibaba as coordinated with Brgy. Capt. Astrophel Darca.

To extend the 1-day visit in other NGP plantations, CENR Officer Barros and the group moved to check the intact arrangement of mangroves in the CY 2014 NGP Plantation located in Brgys. Bilucao and Pacatin Ibaba, Pitogo, Quezon.

NGP Coordinator, Forester I Aleli C. Alvarez, Site Coordinator, FT II Elloida M. Esclanda-Arenas, Forest Extension Officer Anna Joy Ayaay, and Admin Aide Cesar Regalla Jr. assisted CENRO Barros during the monitoring of the graduated NGP sites.