CENRO CALACA headed by OIC CENR Officer Isagani Amatorio provided technical assistance on the restocking and reseeding of 150 baby Giant Clams ( Tridacna gigas,T. deresa , T. crocea ) together with MENRO Nasugbu, MDRRMO,-Nasugbu, MAO-Nasugbu, Punta Fuego Village Foundation, volunteer fishermen and KBWC held in Long Beach, Punta Fuego Brgy. Balaytigue, Nasugbu, Batangas today July 9, 2020.

Moreover, the activity is in line with the Protection and Rehabilitation of Marine and Coastal Ecosystems Project under the municipality of Nasugbu Batangas in partnership with DENR CENRO Calaca. Further, the said restocking and reseeding is a 3-day activity (Thurs-Sat) to be executed within the indentified sites at selected coastal Baranggays of Balaytigue, Papaya and Calayo, Nasugbu Batangas.

The Giant Clam is known as “Taklobo” in the Philippines. They live in the shallow coral reefs of the South China Sea, West Philippine Sea, Sulo Sea, Red Sea, but mainly in the Indian and South Pacific oceans and Eight (8) of the twelve (12) known existing Giant Clam species in the world are found in the coral reefs of the Philippines.