Tanglaw ng Dagat, a People’s Organization (PO) volunteered to take over the management and operation of the Community-Based Forest Management Agreement (CBFMA) in lieu of its mother organization, Kinagunan Multi-Purpose Cooperative Inc. (KMPCI).

The CBFMA No. 25024 covers a total of 100 hectares of mangrove area in Brgy. Kinagunan, Padre Burgos, Quezon, was awarded on May 25, 2000 to KMPCI. Under this agreement, the PO is entitled to use and develop the area and its resources for 25 years and renewable for another 25 years. 

Their performance based on the agreement is being evaluated by the Community Environment and Natural Resources Office (CENRO) Tayabas City. Included in the evaluation are the activities and involvement in forest rehabilitation and protection, development of alternative livelihood opportunities, forest products utilization, linkaging, Five-Year Work Plan (FYWP) of the PO, and other activities consistent with their Community Resource Management Framework (CRMF). 

During the compliance monitoring of CENRO Tayabas City with KMPCI, it was noted that KMPCI has experienced organizational constraints due to the inactive status of some officers and members of the organization who have already transferred their residencies to other municipalities.

However, Mr. Florante Mendiola, the head of Tanglaw ng Dagat, initiated the takeover for the CBFMA. He stressed that their organization has been actively doing their part within the CBFM area and so they volunteered to continue and absorb the full responsibilities of the KMPCI in the management and operations. 

As agreed and to strengthen the foundation of the said proposition, the Tanglaw ng Dagat was advised to: hold a meeting-consultation with the remaining members of the KMPCI and the other three (3) organizations under its umbrella to get their approval and affirmation; and register to Securities of Exchange Commission (SEC) to establish its legal personality under the CBFM program.

A written agreement will be circulated to all the remaining officers and members of the concerned organizations for their information, signature and concurrence. 

CENRO Tayabas will continue to provide technical assistance to ensure the compliance of Tanglaw ng Dagat once the transfer of functions has been officially made. Other developments in the area will be closely monitored by its Monitoring and Enforcement Section personnel and the CBFM coordinator.