The DENR-CENRO Calauag has facilitated a ceremonial MOA Signing under Tayo Ang Kalikasan (TAK) for the adoption of two (2) graduated National Greening Program (NGP) sites situated within its area of jurisdiction.

The DENR CALABARZON through the Regional Executive Director Nilo B. Tamoria signed a separate Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) with Gumaca Tree Planters and Pallet Makers Agriculture Cooperative (GTPPMAC) and GLTC Woodcraft and Charcoal Credit Cooperative (GLTC WCCC) through the representation of their respective presidents, Mr. Preciliano B. Aviles Ms. Remedios F. Avila.

The adoption of the graduated NGP sites is also with the implementation of Executive Order 193 or the Enhanced National Greening Program (e-NGP) which aims to rehabilitate the remaining estimated 7.1 million hectares unproductive, denuded, and degraded forest lands from 2016 to 2028.

GTPPMAC and GLTC WCCC have sworn to conserve and protect the two graduated National Greening Program (NGP) plantations that had finished their 3-year financial support from the government. Said budget that had been allocated for the graduated plantations had supported relevant activities of the program including but not limited to the procurement of seedlings; Survey Mapping and Planning (SMP) activities; Plantation Development Plan preparation; and maintenance and protection activities.

DENR CALABARZON NGP Coordinator Herminigildo Jocson imparted experiences in his assignments in different projects of DENR specifically NGP and e-NGP, wherein graduated NGP sites are being prioritized.  He iterated that as per the TAK MOA, the maintenance and protection of the designated project areas should be consistent with the approved 5-year development plan that will be submitted by the partner organizations 3 months after MOA signing.

GTPPMAC President Precilliano B. Avilles mentioned his full responsibilities as the president of the cooperative and assured convenience of the organization as counterpart in terms of labor, manpower, and other contributions for a successful implementation of the project. Likewise, GLTC WCCC President Remedios F. Avila expressed the same support to DENR and CENRO Calauag for the implementation of the activities under TAK.

Meanwhile, an audio-visual presentation of success stories in different provinces in CALABARZON under Tayo Ang Kalikasan were viewed for the participants.  Afterwards, the members and officers of the two partner organizations together with RED Nilo B. Tamoria took their oath of Tayo ang Kalikasan (Panata Para sa Kalikasan) led by CENRO Calauag TAK Focal Person, Forester II Aleli C. Alvarez.

The ceremonial signing of the MOAs with the GTPPMAC and GLTC WCCC was held in Queen Margarette Hotel, Lucena City, Quezon with the presence of their respective presidents and vice-presidents.

It was witnessed by members of the said organizations via Zoom teleconferencing installed in Gumaca City Coast, Gumaca, Quezon, wherein the latter have written their oath in the Tayo Ang Kalikasan Pledge Wall.

RED Nilo B. Tamoria, deeply expressed his gratitude and congratulated all the officers and members of GLTC WCCC and GTPPMAC. He expects that the ceremonial signing will strengthen the advocacy of Tayo Ang Kalikasan relative to the conservation and protection of our environment and natural resources.