Inspired by the established Ecological Rooftop Center of CENRO Sta. Cruz, PENRO Laguna through PENRO Ronilo L. Salac, instituted its own butterfly garden and vegetable & medicinal garden made possible with the collective efforts and ideas of the management and personnel. The once greenhouse and nursery had evolved into an incredible butterfly garden with various flowering plants such as Bird’s Nest Fern (pakpak lawin), Kalachuchi, Red Bakya, Vietnam Rose and Kamantigue. Butterflies thriving in the said garden were from Magic Meadow Butterfly Garden located in Tanauan, Batangas which are mostly Idea leucono and Danaus manillana species. Butterfly garden provides a safe haven for butterflies and other wildlife to gather, seek shelter, acquire food and water, reproduce and build populations. Also, garden as such, has a therapeutic effect and can provide a soothing retreat from everyday life especially in the working environment where stress are inevitable. 

Aside from flowering plants, numerous vegetable, fruits and even medicinal/herbal plants are planted just outside the butterfly garden and in the vacant lots within the office premises. Others are planted vertically in recycled or used PET bottles (vertical gardening). Calamansi, eggplant, okra, guava, chico, papaya, cacao, passion fruit, oregano, lemon grass, basil, pepper are among those plants found in the said garden. Composting bins and do-it-yourself (DIY) small ponds with fishes were also established. Composts are used in enriching the soils to help the plants grow healthily. Currently, personnel are now enjoying the fruits of their labor. Peppers, calamansi, basil and oregano can now be harvested for personnel’s consumption. Once the said plants grow in numbers, neighboring communities of PENRO Laguna may also benefit from the fresh harvests. Consuming fresh fruits and vegetables from your own established gardens may improve one’s health because the risks of eating plants with harmful chemicals are reduced since you know exactly what you are eating. Moreover, growing your own food is very efficient and less costly. ###