I have been told that there is a kitty of P50 million for every congressman that votes against me. This is not based on ANY evidence whatsoever, and should not implicate ANY congressman in the slightest way. It’s just talk.

I have met some congressmen and know of others, and my experience has been good – in fact, very good. I continue to hope that they will vote according to the highest principles of truth, service, and the common good – and wish them well.

I would also like to add that as of now there are no mining operations that have stopped because the process is they can go on appeal after receiving the notice of suspension or closure. There are NO jobs that have been lost because mining is seasonal, and as of now, operations are at a standstill because of the rains so there are no jobs to lose. And in the event that a closure order will take place, I am confident that with government’s help, we will be able to bring on a much more stable economy.

At the DENR, what we want is that the mining firms follow the laws pertaining to the protection of the environment for future generations. #