Calamba City, Laguna - To continue the protection of the remaining forest lands in the region, the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) CALABARZON has officially entered into several Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) with various Local Government Units (LGUs) in the region to formally formulate, adopt, and implement the Forest Land Use Plan (FLUP) for their respective municipalities.

Forest Land Use Planning, as defined in the Forest Management Bureau Technical Bulletin 2, “is a participatory process of allocating forests and forest lands (FFL) as natural resource asset by the government under appropriate management, tenure arrangement and eventually putting these assets according to their best uses to harmonize uses of FL and to attain a balance of production activities with forest protection and biodiversity conservation.”

FLUP ensures a sustainable allocation and management of FFL that will provide environmental, social, and economic benefits to the public. FLUP also aims to identify open access areas and determine the best management and use for these open areas.

FLUPs are formulated by LGUs with technical assistance provided by Field and Regional Offices. LGUs are given opportunities to formulate their FLUPs upon submission of their Letter of Intent (LOI). Moreover, municipalities with remaining open access areas within their forestlands are targeted for FLUP formulation.

In the CALABARZON Region, FLUP started in 2011 where a total of forty-seven (47) plans have been formulated from 2011 to 2020. For CY 2021, there are nine (9) targets for FLUP preparation/formulation and six (6) targets for FLUP adoption. This 2021, Lobo, Batangas has started to implement their FLUP.

According to DENR CALABARZON Regional Executive Director Nilo B. Tamoria, FLUP shall be done “beyond compliance”. It is coordination between DENR and the LGU to create a comprehensive plan for our forest lands.

For LGUs who are interested in the formulation of their FLUP, you may coordinate with the nearest DENR Office. DENR CALABARZON is inviting the public to join us in an attempt to enhance and rehabilitate our forest lands. We are also urging the public to report Environment and Natural Resources-related cases via hotline 8888, sms to 0956 182 5774 / 0919 874 4369, email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or send photos, videos and other information via  ###