An example of a very promising Solid Waste Management story is the development of the Barangay Queens Row Central, Bacoor, Cavite. They started engaging the community for the last six years, but no serious impact can be observed. Daluy-nungan urged them to take more action. 

Daluy-nungan, which means, a wave of knowledge, is an Information, Education, and Communication (IEC) Campaign of the Manila Bay Site Coordinating Management Office (MBSCMO) 4. It aims to teach proper waste segregation and to raise awareness regarding the conservation and rehabilitation of Manila Bay.

Before, the barangay’s main concern was proper handling and segregation of their wastes, but as of date, according to Barangay Captain Reynaldo C. Palabrica, their generated wastes decreased almost 50%.

Capt. Palabrica’s shared his four main strategies, which are: (1) communicate first with your friends, (2) involve the schools, so that the teachers can help disseminate information and practice the waste segregation. (3) Involve the churches, because according to Palabrica, people will more likely follow the orders and teachings of the religious leaders. “Naniniwala po ako na pag sila ang nagsalita mas maniniwala sila” he added. Lastly, he believes in the importance of direct communication with the people.

He conducted house to house talks to directly communicate with the residents. He also talked with every section in their schools regarding proper waste segregation. He also involved the community by giving out small rewards to those who can report people who were caught littering.

He approved several environmental ordinances such as anti-littering, proper segregation, prevention of noise pollution, generation of the Solid Waste Management Committee and prohibiting the proliferation of ambulant vendors within 30 meters’ radius of school premises, because these vendors were outsiders and they contribute a huge amount of wastes.

According to Palabrica, the biggest challenge was the person’s attitude and laziness. He added that we need to show people that segregating is not hard and will not take up a lot of time. He emphasized the importance of one on one communication with the community.

Palabrica’s hard work paid off, as the waste generated in their barangay decreased more or less 50% and only residual wastes were generated in their barangay. The biggest challenge now is “kailangan masustain, maintain and improve.”

Additional to the barangay’s Materials Recovery Facility (MRF), composting, backyard gardening, and weekly clean ups, future projects of Queen’s Row Central include their continued fight for zero waste, treatment of rainwater due to water shortage, and the “EnviroKids” which will organize grade school students from public and private schools to become environmental advocates of the community.

Palabrica reaches out to other LGUs to work hard in encouraging the community. “Hindi kaya ng DENR lang yan, ng CENRO o ng PENRO, higit sa lahat, barangay talaga. Kasi barangay ang may direktang kaugnayan sa mga residente sa kanyang lugar.” he emphasized.

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