The DENR Human Resource Development Section conducted a Learning Event on Basic Investigation and Basic Proper Handling Techniques of Wildlife at La Vista Resort Complex, Calamba City on February 20 and 21, 2019. The learning event aimed to provide efficiency and skills in handling wildlife investigation and handling.

Ecosystems Management Specialist II, For. Ingrid De Leon, discussed the participation of the Internet in wildlife trading. As defined by RA 9147, Wildlife trading is an “act of engaging in the exchange, exportation and importation, purchase or sale of wildlife, their derivatives or by-products, locally or internationally”.

The use of internet created a new media for traders for easier and faster transactions. For. De Leon mentioned that the Internet created a “hybrid market that combines the traditional and economic opportunity structures with the new ones provided by the Internet. It has boosted the wildlife trading in a substantial way by lowering the barriers to entry into criminal markets and opening the way for new criminal actors”.

On the other hand, Dr. Glenn Maguad, OIC, Wildlife Rescue Center, showed and discussed the proper handling of wildlife. He discussed the basic equipment and basic restraints that can be used when encountered with wildlife. He stated that the government should invest in basic equipment for handling wildlife, such as gloves, catching nets, katsa, and hooks. He also reminded that always be careful in handling and capturing wildlife.

Dr. Maguad also addressed the Media to stop putting more stress to the animals during rescues. He said that always refrain from using flash during photo documentations.

Maguad also reminded the attendees to always gather the data needed, such as location of the wildlife, its cleanliness, the length of time in captivity, food given, and the origin, if possible, as it will affect the handling and the care for the animal.

Activities such as a mock case scenario for wildlife investigation and an actual handling of wildlife were conducted to properly educate and prepare the attendees for future reports related to wildlife. ###