1. Introduction
  • The guidelines on Recognizing Individuals/Institutions TowardsVibrant and Enhanced Rivers (R.I.V.E.Rs) are provided under the DENR Memorandum, dated October 29, 2018.
  • Its main objectives are: to raise awareness on the need to protect and conserve the country’s rivers as the lifeblood of the Earth and human civilization, and to tap concerted action to protect the country’s rivers from degradation and pollution, and assure their suitability, sustainability, and further improvement for their designated use or classification
  • The creation of the National Committee on the Search for Recognizing Individuals/Institutions towards Vibrant and Enhanced Rivers (R.I.V.E.Rs) for Life Award is in pursuant to DENR Special Order No. 2019-314.
  1. Scope and Coverage

                  The contest is open to all incumbent Supervising and Implementing Provincial Environmental and Natural Resources Officers (PENROs) together with their respective Community Environmental and Natural Resources Officers (CENROs).

                  Period of participation is for one (1) year (July-May) and every year thereafter. For 2019, participation is continuing from the launch of the Awards in July 2018. All reports from the Regional Committees shall be submitted to Central Office/Undersecretary for Field Operations not later than April 30, 2019.

                  Award shall be given during the DENR Anniversary celebrations.

III. Criteria

  • The PENRO/CENRO shall submit the complete inventory of all the rivers (qualifying criterion) within their respective areas of responsibility using the prescribe format. The consolidated inventory will be submitted by the respective Regional Offices to the DENR Central Office, through the Undersecretary for Field Operations, for review and consolidation.
  • The DENR Regional Committee, consisting of the DENR, Mines and Geosciences Bureau (MGB) and Environmental Management Bureau (EMB), shall select one (1) nominee from the list of officially classified Class C rivers.
  • The list of activities/interventions undertaken by the concerned PENRO/CENRO on their nominated river shall include, among others, the following:
  • Aesthetic Water Quality Improvement (35%) - which concerns baseline data indicating the actual conduct of monthly water quality sampling for one (1) year should be available as reference to validate improvement.
  • Solid Waste Management (25%) - which pertains to baseline data indicating the monthly volume of waste collected for one (1) year.
  • Partnership and Community Mobilization (25%) - which pertains to the list of memorandum of agreements, partnerships, and other document engagements.
  • Information and Education Campaign (IEC) (15%) - which is a list of conducted activities with complete documentation, and copies of the IEC materials produced.
  • Other activities, interventions, and innovations.