Aerial photographs were taken during the ground validation of the existing forestlands in the Municipality of Nasugbu, Batangas. The activity was conducted from July to August 2023 by the Conservation and Development Section (CDS) staff of CENRO Calaca together with MENRO personnel of Nasugbu as part of the Preparation of the Forest Land Use Plan (FLUP) of the said municipality. There are twenty-one (21) barangays covered consisting of Aga, Kaylaway, Poblacion XI, Bucana, Wawa, Pantalan, Butucan, Utod, Natipuan, Balaytigue, Calayo, Papaya, Kayrilao, Bunducan, Dayap, Putat, Looc, Bulihan, Latag, Banilad and Mataas na Pulo.###