OIC, CENRO Venerando U Garcia together with Municipal Vice Mayor of Rizal, Laguna Hon. Antonino A. Aurelio, National Greening Program (NGP) coordinator and DENR personnel of CENRO Sta. Cruz participated in a week-long event of the Tree Hugging Campaign on February 17, 2023 in Tayak Hills Brgy. Tala, Tanaw de Rizal, Laguna.

This event is launched by the Forest Management Bureau (FMB) and holds advocacy for raising awareness and promoting various ecosystem services such as provisioning (raw materials), regulating (ecological balance), supporting (habitat), and culture (tourism) derived from the forest. This is a motion wherein conservation and protection are emphasized in showing the importance of trees and the roles of the forest in the environment and society (e.g., climate change mitigation and carbon sequestration). It is also an opportunity to recognize the significance of indigenous tree species in the country.

The DENR CENRO Sta. Cruz supports the tree-hugging movement through social mobilization toward a healthy, safe, and sustainable environment.