The Protected Area Management Boards (PAMB) within the jurisdiction of DENR-CENRO Catanauan, Quezon conducted its respective 1st regular meetings from February 15-17, 2023.

            On February 15, 2023, PAMB-Buenavista Protected Landscape (BPL) conducted its meeting at the MDRRMO Office, Mulanay, Quezon. The meeting was presided by Mr. Isidro Fuerte. During the meeting, the following agenda were discussed:

  1. Presentation of BPL targets for CY 2023
  2. Presentation of BMS Result for the 1st Quarter CY 2023
  3. Highlights of PASu/APASu meeting for the 1st semester 2023
  4. PAMB Membership
  5. Discussion for issuance of PAMB resolution on the request for the cutting of Mahogany and Gmelina trees within private land of Mr. Pedro Castilleja and coconut palm within the land of Mr. De Luna
  6. Other matters - Updates on the status of Mt. Kamhantik Arcaheological site and other related programs & BPL Tourism Facility Development as proposed by LGU Mulanay

At the end of the program, the Board were able to pass three PAMB resolutions for 1st Quarter, CY 2023.

On February 16, 2023, PAMB-Mulanay Watershed Forest Reserve (MWFR) held its 1st meeting at the SB Session Hall of San Francisco, Quezon. It was presided by Mr. Gery Cruzado. The topics tackled were the following:

  1. Presentation of targets of MWFR for CY 2023
  2. Updates on the Opening of Account for MWFR
  3. Issues and concerns tackled during PASu/APASu meeting
  4. Presentation of BMS result for 1st Quarter CY 2023
  5. Updates on the legislation of MWFR (Senate Bill No. 1691)

Upon presentation of agenda, three PAMB resolutions were passed by the Board for this quarter. Before the meeting ends, representative from Farmer’s Federation Mrs. Teresita Laguerta intended her resignation as a member of the PAMB-MWFR. The members of the board decided to accept the resignation of Mrs. Laguerta, hence, the Call for Application for PAMB membership will be posted.

Lastly, the PAMB for Alibijaban Wilderness Area (AWA) conducted its 1st quarter meeting on February 17, 2023 at the SB Session Hall of San Andres, Quezon. The meeting was presided by Mr. Anjo Miguel Banquiles. The topics discussed during the meeting were the following:

  1. Presentation of the 2023 Work and Financial Plan (WFP)
  2. Presentation of the updated AWA revenue CY 2022
  3. Reconstitution of PAMB members and presentation of the updated and list of requirements on PAMB membership for ex-officio and non-ex-officio
  4. Guidelines and protocols regarding the re-opening of AWA to tourism/ visitors
  5. Reclassification of the access road of Pulo I to Pulo II from SPZ to MUZ
  6. Discussion on the adoption of carrying capacity of AWA based on the study of Mr. Leonardo Arcenal from the UPLB
  7. Discussion on the predetermined Camping Site within the beach area of AWA
  8. Discussion regarding the request of survey authority of OCT P-16809 (Mr. Arnulfo Limpiado)

                     Four PAMB resolutions were passed and approved by the PAMB AWA.

The Buenavista Protected Landscape is one of the legislated protected areas in CALABARZON while Mulanay Watershed Forest Reserve and Alibijaban Wilderness Areas are under the initial component and has ongoing legislation with Senate Bill No. 1691 and Senate Bill No. 1725, respectively.