The DENR-CENRO Calauag, through its Conservation and Development Section (CDS), organized educational activities for the Senior High School students of Lopez National Comprehensive High School (LNCHS) on February 2, 2023 at Lopez (Lalaguna) Marshland in Lopez, Quezon in celebration of World Wetlands Day.

World Wetlands Day is an international environmental event celebrated every 2nd of February each year to raise global awareness on the significant role of wetlands for people and the planet. It also marks the day of the adoption of the Convention on Wetlands in 1971 in the Iranian city of Ramsar, in which a group of environmentalists from different countries and non-governmental organizations inked an agreement to protect and conserve wetland ecosystems from rapid degradation.

With this year’s theme, “It’s time for wetland restoration,” CENRO Calauag opted to showcase to the students the hidden beauty of Lalaguna Marshland to increase their awareness and appreciation on wetland, and also, to encourage them to take action towards its conservation.

The program commenced at 6:00 AM through a bird watching activity at the perimeter of Lalaguna Marshland. This was followed by a lecture on the overview on wetlands and the Lalaguna Marshland, types of wetlands, and the species of animals that thrive within the said wetland.

Photos of threatened bird species such as Baer’s pochard and Philippine duck, as well as migratory birds like Black-winged stilt, Black-crowned night heron, Common greenshank, among others, were presented during the discussion.

The presentation also included topics on the global situation of wetlands; ecosystem services of wetlands; and practices, advocacy efforts, and recommended actions of different stakeholders to protect and conserve the wetlands.

Meanwhile, Ms. Marina R. Abueva, LCNHS Principal, expressed her utmost gratitude for the given opportunity for their students to visit Lalaguna Marsh and be part of the celebration of World Wetlands Day. According to her, they are residents of Lopez, Quezon, but there were only a few instances that their students are able to reach Lalaguna Marsh as it is far from the town proper. She advised the students to put into practice and spread to others all the knowledge they have gained during the activity.

After the program, Information Education and Communication (IEC) campaign materials downloaded from the official website of were distributed to the participant students and teachers. A 1-day exhibit on the bird species sighted in Lalaguna Marsh was also installed at the barangay hall of Lalaguna, Lopez, Quezon for free viewing.

Ms. Abueva and the rest of LCNHS participants pledged their support to the DENR on its future activities for the protection and conservation of the environment.