A juvenile male Northern Rufous Hornbill (Buceros hydrocorax) was turned over to the custody of the Provincial Environment and Natural Resources Office (PENRO) of Rizal by LTC Gloven Ley Ce at Camp-Capinpin, Tanay, Rizal.

According to LTC Ce, the bird was rescued from poachers who tried to illegally sell it without appropriate clearances or permits issued by the DENR. The bird was eventually turned over to PENRO for safekeeping and monitoring of health conditions. The Protected Area Superintendent (PASu) of KRFR, For. Felomen N. Antonio and his staff immediately responded to this concern.   

The Northern Rufous Hornbill was locally known as Kalaw and pertained to as the “clock-of-the-mountains” because of its every-hour booming call. The Hornbill is also considered an endemic species and is found in moist tropical lowland forests. They are generally omnivorous, mostly feeding on fruits, eggs, seeds, and even on small vertebrates. These hornbills have also been dubbed as “Farmers of the rainforest” as they help in seed dispersal which is considered an invaluable ecosystem service in enriching forests and succession through distributing pioneer tree species.   

Meanwhile, the hornbill surrendered by LTC Ce was quickly transferred to the Biodiversity Management Bureau (BMB) together with the Southeast Asian Turtle and an injured Civet cat. Based on Republic Act 9147 or Wildlife Resources Conservation and Protection Act, possession of these wildlife animals without a permit from DENR is illegal.