The DENR-CENRO Calauag holds its way in conserving and protecting the areas that had been subjected to the previous reforestation projects under the National Greening Program (NGP), as CENR Officer Joselito D. Barros monitored two (2) established plantations under the aforesaid program in Tagkawayan, Quezon, on 12 October 2022.

CENRO Barros first reached the 329-meter altitude of the 1,395-hectare CY 2013 Timber Plantation in Barangay Bagong Silang, Tagkawayan, after trekking the 3-kilometer accessible route from Barangay Del Rosario.

Said site is planted with timber species such as Batino, Kalumpit, Molave, Narra, among others, and with a survival rate of 85%. 

On account that the site has been reported with an existence of forest disturbances in the past, specifically, forest fire, the 588-hectare portion of the plantation has been subjected for an enhancement planting under the Enhanced NGP (ENGP). Families of the members of the AKAY Upland Farmers’ Association, Inc. have been the primary beneficiaries, as they were hired in exchange for the services that they provide during plantation enhancement activities. 

After descending from the site, CENRO Barros and his team proceeded to another graduated NGP site in Bagong Silang, the 30-hectare Bamboo Plantation that was established in 2013. The site is planted with Kawayang Tinik that extends along the Himbabayong River and with a survival rate of 22%. 

Other established NGP plantations in Tagkawayan have also been visited and monitored by CENRO Barros for the month of October 2022. Included here are the 50-hectare Bamboo and 450-hectare Agroforestry Plantations in Brgy. Maguibway, and the Mangrove Plantation located in Brgy. Laurel, with survival rates of 41%, 24% and 85%, respectively.

Monitoring of the NGP sites is significant for it can track the progress of the reforestation projects under the program over time. The monitoring of CENRO Barros in the graduated NGP sites will ensue in the following months to observe the status and current survival rates of the trees planted in the sites.