Enhanced National Greening Program (ENGP) is a government priority program to rehabilitate and reforest the unproductive, denuded and degraded and contribute to the development and enhancement of Socio-economic standards of local communities. 

Relative thereto, a Letter of Agreement (LOA) was made and entered into by the DENR-PENRO Batangas and by a People’s Organization (PO) for the Protection activities conducted in CY 2021 ENGP Plantation Establishment covering 100 hectares in Brgy. Toong, Tuy, Batangas.  

Upon inspection for the 2nd billing conducted by PENRO – Inspection and Acceptance Committee (PENRO-IAC), a total of 10,000 taywanak & kawayan tinik culms were planted. Ring weeding, brushing, and patrolling were also conducted as part of maintenance and protection activities. It was said that there is a 95% survival rate of trees planted as of August 2022.