Enhanced National Greening Program (ENGP) is a government priority program to rehabilitate and reforest the unproductive, denuded and degraded and contribute to the development and enhancement of Socio-economic standards of local communities. 

Relative thereto, a Letter of Agreement (LOA) was made and entered into by the DENR-PENRO Batangas and by a People’s Organization (PO) for the Protection activities conducted in CY 2021 ENGP Plantation Establishment covering 100 hectares in Brgy. Kapito (Purok 1 & 2), Lian, Batangas. 

Upon inspection for the 2nd billing conducted by PENRO – Inspection and Acceptance Committee (PENRO-IAC), a total of 5000 seedlings were planted which is composed of 1000 guyabano, 1000 coffee, and 3000 duhat. Ring weeding, brushing, and patrolling were also conducted as part of maintenance and protection activities. It was reported that there is a 93% survival rate of trees planted as of August 2022.