DENR, PAMO-TVPL is currently conducting Knowledge, Attitude, Practices (KAP) surveys to 13 municipalities and 3 cities inside the Taal Volcano Protected Landscape (TVPL) for the formulation of the Communication Plan.

Specifically, the result of the KAP survey reflects the level of awareness (high to low) of the community. It also reveals their practices including socio-cultural data. The results based on the communication plan is also anchored with the management plan of the Taal Volcano Protected Area. This will guide the management which in turn will enhance strategies.

The purpose of this communication action plan is to remove communication barriers identified within the community, address knowledge and information gaps regarding policies being implemented in Protected Areas, equip target participants and encourage involvement in environment related activities and sustainably manage within the protected area resources. It is a strategy to address issues and problems of the Taal Volcano Protected Area.

The KAP survey will be conducted on selected dates in July of the current year.