Los Baños, Laguna – PENRO Eriberto B. Saños led the reading/singing of “Pasyong Mahal ng Inang Kalikasan” with CENRO Venerando U. Garcia as part of the celebration of Philippine Environment Month, and as a means of giving praise and gratitude to the mother nature as what we call, “Inang Kalikasan”.

The book “Pasyong Mahal ng Inang Kalikasan” was written in 2018 by PENRO Eriberto B. Saños, which is delivered with a style of chanting or singing the way the Catholics read the “Pasyong Mahal” of Jesus Christ. Though with spiritual contents, the book presented recent environmental issues and concerns, and is focused on Environmental Principles and Laws of Ecology which were referred as “Mga Batas ng Inang Kalikasan” in the book. Important environmental topics such as biodiversity conservation, solid waste management and pollution were also discussed in Pasyon.

According to PENRO Saños, he authored Pasyon with a fervent hope that the end-result of chanting and reading it will be equivalent to gaining new enthusiasm and momentum for the continuous transformation and translation into concrete and tangible actions of our willingness to save the environment, to do and share the responsibility incumbent upon everyone towards a collaborative effort concerning the conservation and protection of the Environment and Natural Resources (ENR) or in totality --- our Mother Nature o Inang Kalikasan.