Mulanay, Quezon – In observance of the 52nd International Earth Day, the Community Environment and Natural Resources (CENRO) Catanauan in coordination with the Local Government of Mulanay, Quezon thru its Municipal Environment and Natural Resources Officer established temporary mangrove nursery at Sitio Mugos, Brgy. Patabog, Mulanay, Quezon on April 22, 2022.

Anchored to its year’s theme “Invest in our Planet”, the activity aims to produce and sustain planting stocks to be used in the mangrove tree planting initiatives of CENRO Catanauan and the LGU of Mulanay, Quezon. The activity is considered as a simple yet effective investment in our planet as it can contribute to our environment by sustaining planting materials to mangrove ecosystems restoration projects and initiatives to the denuded mangrove areas of Mulanay, Quezon.

Two families residing near the coastal water of the Sitio were involved in the activity. They were identified as the most vulnerable families concerning the impacts of high tide and storm surges. Since there is an existing mangrove area near their residences, they were engaged in selling mangrove propagules and seeds to the Local Government of Mulanay whenever there were tree planting initiatives in the said municipality.

The staff of CENRO Catanauan provides technical assistance to the families to gain technical know-how in establishing temporary mangrove nursery and be able to produce planting stocks wherein they can sell and generate income for their family, thus, helping them to end poverty and ultimately combat the impacts of climate change.

Establishment of temporary mangrove nursery includes the following activities:

  1. Identification of temporary mangrove nursery site;
  2. Collection, sorting and grading of mangrove propagules;
  3. Wildlings/regeneration survey and collection;
  4. Potting/bagging of soil medium; and
  5. Establishment of pot beds

“Let’s fight these problems together. Act and invest in our environment by engaging and initiating earth friendly activity, such as tree planting, waste recycling and segregation, clean and green, energy conservation, etc.”,  said Forester Elliane Jade Gadela.