The Taal Volcano Protected Landscape Protected Area Management Office, in coordination with the PCG-CGSS San Nicolas and the Local Municipal Agriculture Office of Agoncillo, conducted a meeting and dialogue with the concerned fish cage operators and caretakers in Brgy. Subic Ilaya due to the increase in Taal Volcano Alert Level 1 to Level 3. The said meeting was conducted in the covered court of the said barangays regarding the strict implementation of both PAMB Resolution No. 65, S. of 2020 and PAMB Resolution No. 92, S. of 2021.

Moreover, personnel of PAMO together with the concerned law enforcement agencies particularly Philippine Coastguard – CGSS Talisay engaged in surveillance and monitoring in the lake vicinity of Sitio Tuuran and Tabla, Talisay, Batangas, and Brgy. Calawit, Balete, Batangas for the implementation of PAMB Resolution No. 65 S. of 2020 and PAMB Resolution No. 92 S. of 2021.