In line with the observance of International Day of the Forest, a tree planting activity was conducted by the DENR PENRO Rizal, in coordination with the Natural Resources Development Corporation (NRDC), headed by Mr. Alexander M. Linde, within the jurisdiction of Upper Marikina River Basin Protected Landscape (UMRBPL).

The yearly celebration of International Day of Forest aims to appreciate the value of our forests and raise awareness about its importance in our ecosystem. Forest serves as a vital habitat for almost a million terrestrial species. Many communities depend on its various ecosystem services.

However, due to human-induced activities such as the rampant illegal cutting of trees, converting forest land to agricultural land, and other alarming environmental issues and concerns, our climate change is getting worse.

To further prevent this, various collective efforts have been made by different agencies from National to Local. Tree planting activities is an initial step for reforestation, encouraging participation of the community, and will determine its success to regenerate and enhance our ecosystem.