CENRO Catanauan, Quezon – CENR Officer Ramil J. Gutierrez calls LAWIN patrollers of CENRO Catanauan, Quezon for a meeting on LAWIN activities to evaluate/assess issues and concerns in the implementation of the particular activity which was held at the 3rd floor of CENR Office Building on January 17, 2022.

LAWIN Data Manager Joseph Ryan C. Abadicio introduced first the five patrol teams of LAWIN Patrollers and each member as well as the five conservation areas assigned to them. In total, there were 2,984 hectares of identified conservation areas that needs to be patrolled within the jurisdiction of CENRO Catanauan, Quezon, and according to the FMB database, there were no open and close forest areas within the jurisdiction of CENRO Catanauan, that leads to the inclusion of mangrove forest areas, CBFM areas, NGP sites, and Protected Areas as the conservation areas for the five patrol teams of CENRO Catanauan.

LAWIN as a tool for Forest and Biodiversity Protection was discussed by CENRO Ramil J. Gutierrez to revitalize LAWIN patrollers on their duties and responsibilities. “Threats identified/encountered during the patrolling should be reflected in the LAWIN Cyber Tracker, basta may threats dapat may response or action tayo na gagawin,” he said. Likewise, he wanted to inform prior the Local Government Unit or the Protected Area Management Board of all activities that need to be conducted in their jurisdiction to ensure their assistance in the protection and conservation of the Environment and Natural Resources within the area of responsibility of CENRO Catanauan.  

One of the major issues raised in the meeting was the inadequate number of gadgets or cellphones used for LAWIN patrolling. As per inventory, out of nineteen (19) cellphone devices issued at this Office for LAWIN activity, only three (3) of them can be used despite some issues like battery malfunction to name a few. With that, CENRO Gutierrez was instructed to make a report informing the Forest Management Bureau (FMB) about the status of gadgets and request for a replacement.###