OIC, PENR Officer Januel R. Peras presided the meeting with the Pangingisda Natin Gawing Tama (PaNaGaT) Network in behalf of DENR Regional Executive Director Nilo B. Tamoria on October 19, 2021, via virtual teleconferencing. The network was represented by their Senior Manager for Policy and Government Engagement, Dennis Calvan. The issue raised during the meeting is the pending demolition of fish structures within Manila Bay. 

PENRO Peras emphasized the significant roles of the mandamus agencies and the current projects being implemented within the Manila Bay Region, one of which is the demolition of illegal fishing structures within Manila Bay. 

The main purpose of the meeting is to know the real concerns of the PaNaGaT and its members. One of the concerns raised by the fisherfolk is the impending loss of their livelihood when the demolition continues. PENRO Peras responded that only those fishing methods prohibited under RA 8550 as amended by 10654, “Fisheries Code of the Philippines” such as the SAPRA will be demolished. Deputy Director of MBSCMO CALABARZON Cynthia Rozaldo seconded that statement, stressing that the removal of illegal fish structures in Manila Bay will benefit the local small-scale fisherfolk. 

Meanwhile, Mr. Pablo Rosales, Chairperson of Pangisda Pilipinas, mentioned if it is possible for them to legally continue fishing using SAPRA if they adapt the prescribed fishing methods like not using fine mesh net and reduction of light, for the SAPRA. 

Moreover, it was ensured that all queries, suggestions, and information acquired during the meeting shall be forwarded to higher authorities and line bureaus of the department for consideration and possible inclusion in the formulation of policies and guidelines on Manila Bay Rehabilitation. ###