Lopez, QUEZON โ€” The Personnel of CENRO Calauag Monitoring and Enforcement Section (MES) conducted their first wave of Certificate of Stewardship Contract (CSC) evaluation in Brgy. Binahian C, Lopez, Quezon on the early days of January 2021.

CSC is an agreement entered into by and between the government and individuals/families occupying the tilling portions of the forestlands under the old tenurial instrument of the government, Integrated Social Forestry Program (ISFP).

However, the management of CSC areas were devolved to the LGUs in 1992.

In 1995, ISF and other people-oriented forestry projects were integrated under the Community-Based Forest Management Strategy (CBFMS) which prompted the conversion of some forestlands covered with CSCs into CBFM Agreements.

Meanwhile, CENRO Calauag MES accomplished to evaluate CSCs located in Brgy. Binahian C, Lopez, Quezon early this Januaryโ€” and will pursue the conduct of meetings, interview, and ground assessment for the evaluation of the remaining unevaluated CSCs within the jursidiction of CENRO Calauag.