The Department of Environment and Natural Resources IV-A thru the Manila Bay Site Coordinating Management Office 4 (MBSCMO4) provided compost tumblers to selected barangays in Bacoor, Cavite. These barangays were the ones who participated in the department’s Information, Education, and Communication campaigns such as Brgys. Queens Row Central, Queens Row West, and Queens Row East.

On July 23rd, the distribution of 10 units of two-layered compost tumblers for each vicinity was facilitated by For. Jefferson Cruz and For. Queen Borero with the respective barangay officials and representatives from the Philippine National Police.

Compost tumblers are fully-sealed containers which can be rotated to mix the composting materials. It can be used by communities for the process of turning their biodegradable wastes into compost. Through usage of these tumblers, communities will be encouraged to segregate their wastes and convert their biodegradable wastes into compost that can be used in their gardens.