The DENR Calabarzon Eco-Garden brought about to promote waste segregation, waste diversion, community engagement, and food productivity. THE MBSCMO4 used recycled materials such as PET bottles, used tires, old barrels, coconut shells, and other non-biodegradable wastes turned into eco-planters. The eco-garden also has composting tumblers and barrel gardens that make use of all biodegradable wastes generated by the employees and walk-in clients.

On July 21, 2020, spearheaded by Deputy Regional Coordinator, For. Cynthia N. Rozaldo, the MBSCMO4 harvested full-grown pechay from their barrel gardens. Indeed that planting will not only restore nature's balance but also provide that sense of community and environmental connection as well as food security.

The MBSCMO4 encourages everyone to grow your plants and make use of recycled materials.