PENRO Laguna welcomes the new DENR CALABARZON Regional Executive Director Nonito M. Tamayo together with Assistant Regional Director for Technical Services Alfredo C. Palencia and Assistant Regional Director for Management Services Nelson V. Gorospe on July 9, 2020 at PENRO Compound, Brgy. Lalakay, Los BaƱos, Laguna.

OIC-MSD Lourdes S. Jacinto presented a brief profile of the province of Laguna including lakes managed and assessed, existing rivers, lakes and tributaries and proclaimed Protected Areas, as well as the manpower complement of the PENRO.

"I am very happy and lucky to have an operation position, as Regional Executive Director of CALABARZON, a region that is very close to my heart, since I am from Batangas" said by RED Nonie Tamayo.

His message is focused on the National Greening Program and the need to exert extra effort to improve the survival rate of our established NGP plantations within the region and shared possible solutions such as adoption of NGP plantations of Tree Cutting permittees to maintain and improved the said plantations.

He mentioned also the need for the personnel to be cooperative with the PENRO and Regional Office in order to successfully implement the programs, projects and activities of the DENR CALABARZON.

We are also very happy to have you as our new Regional Executive Director, For. Nonito M. Tamayo. Welcome to PENRO Laguna, rest assured that you have our 101% support in the implementation of our mandates, programs, projects and activities.