Implementation of Verde Island Passage Marine Corridor Conservation Project CY 2012


● Maintenance of Monitoring Stations

Maintenance activities were conducted in the four (4) monitoring stations within the Verde Island Passage Marine Corridor (VIPMC) that were established on year 2011. These stations are located in 1. Tingloy and 2. Pagkilatan, Batangas City, 3. Fuego Point, Nasugbu and 4. Brgy. Bagong Silang, Calatagan, Batangas.

Quarterly monitoring activities were undertaken in the aforesaid monitoring stations which include among others, water sampling in coordination with PGENRO of Batangas, surveillance and IEC.

● Rehabilitation of Denuded/Degraded Ecosystem

The 7-hectare plantation along the riverbanks of Callejo and Francisco in Brgy. San Gregorio, Malvar, and Palsara, Brgy. Palsara, Balete, Batangas established in 2010 have been continuously maintained and protected. Based on the monitoring activities conducted in Brgy. Palsara, noted were the 10-15% mortalities out of the 2,000 Narra seedlings planted. With the said findings, replanting, ring weeding and brushing were recommended by the said Office.

The other 7-hectare streambank rehabitated in 2010 at Brgys. Dita, Cahilan, San Isidro Itaas, San Isidro Ibaba, Lemery, Batangas were regularly monitored by CENRO, Calaca, Batangas in coordination with the MENRO and barangay residents. The plantation is being maintained and protected by the concerned LGU and adjacent residents thru ring weeding and brushing that resulted to less mortality of the planted seedlings.

Fifteen-hectare denuded /degraded ecosystem was rehabilitated along the area of Verde Island, of which are eight-hectare (8) patches of mangrove area along the coastal barangays from Barangay Catmon, San Juan, Batangas were planted with Bakauan propagules. Also, the other seven hectare (7) mangrove rehabilitation was undertaken in Brgy. Luminiag, Lian, Batangas with propagules of Avicenia and Bakauan species with 1–1.5 meter spacing.

● Advocacy Campaign for Biodiversity Conservation and Solid Waste Management

Information, Education and Communication (IEC) on biodiversity conservation and solid waste management were conducted within the covering municipalities of the VIPMC thru meetings and consultations. 500 IEC materials such as brochures, flyers, tarpaulins, posters, eco-bag and shirts were also produced and distributed.

● Final Review and Packaging of VIPMC Management Plan

The final review of the Batangas Provincial Management Plan for VIPMC was conducted on 01 August 2012 at Green Coral Resort, Batangas City thru series of meetings with the representatives from the Provincial Administrator of Batangas, PG-ENRO, Provincial Agriculture Office, Philippine Ports Authority, Batangas State University and Biodiversity Conservation, Inc. With the said meetings, the VIPMC management plan was finalized and packaged for distribution to all concerned stakeholders.