Enforcement of Wildlife Laws, Rules and Regulations CY 2012


•  Operationalization of Wildlife Traffic Monitoring Units (WTMUs)

Wildlife Traffic Monitoring Units (WTMUs) of DENR CALABARZON Region are assigned in the ports of Batangas and Talao-talao, Lucena City. The WTMU of Batangas Port reported the transport of a of Philippine Macaque (Macaca fasciculrais) from del Mundo Trading, San Isidro, Puerto Galera, Oriental Mindoro to the facilities of INA Research Philippines, Inc. – Primate Quality Control Center (INARP-PQCC) accompanied by LTP issued by the concerned DENR Office. 

On the other hand, the WTMU of Quezon had conducted monitoring activities in Talao-talao Port in coordination with the Wildlife Enforcement Officers (WEOs), DA-BAI Quarantine Officers, PNP and Philippine Coast Guard.


•  Creation of Wildlife Enforcement Officer (WEO) Provincial Task Force

Thru the recommendation of the PENROs and CENROs of Cavite, Batangas, Laguna and Quezon, the membership of the WEO Provincial Task Forces were created. Provincial Task Forces of Batangas, Cavite, Laguna and Quezon had undergo netheir localized training-seminar/workshop which provided them lectures on the salient features of RA 9147, Wildlife Identification and Handling Techniques and Protocols on Wildlife Law Enforcement, and actual wildlife handling and restraining.


Provincial WEO Task Force Trainings were conducted on 20-21 June 2012 at Villa Corazon Aviary and Resort Project, Lemery, Batangas and AVILON Wildlife Conservation Foundation and School of Practical Veterinary Management, Inc., Rodriguez, Rizal, 25-26 June 2012 at Island Cove Resort and Leisure Park, Brgy. Binakayan, Kawit, Cavite, 04-05 July 2012 at Luisa Ridge Resort and Laguna Wildlife Park and Rescue Center, Brgy. Pansol, Calamba City, Laguna and 18-19 July 2012 at Ouan’s Worth Farm, Lucena City, Quezon.

The members of the Provincial WEO Task Forces who had undergone the necessary training were deputized and renewed thru Regional Special Orders 245 and 246 dated 02 July 2012 (Batangas); 059, 347 and 348 dated 20 February 2012 and 08 August 2012 (Cavite); 058 and 392 dated 20 February 2012 and 11 September 2012 (Laguna); 427, 429 and 434 dated 04 and 10 October 2012 (Quezon), respectively. Each constituent was issued with proper WEO Identification cards which are very essential during their operations.

Monitoring and patrolling activities were conducted by the Provincial WEO Task Forces of the region. In addition, regular IEC on Republic Act 9147 have been undertaken in their respective areas of jurisdiction. Some WEOs also assisted in the activities of the DENR such as release of marine turtles, conduct of annual inspections and inventory, and monitoring of migratory birds.


•  Maintenance and Protection of Regional Wildlife Rescue Center (RWRC)

The Regional Wildlife Rescue Center (RWRC) located in the Provincial Fruit Orchard and Nursery in Brgy. Lamot II, Calauan, Laguna has been fully operationalized during CY 2012. A total of ten (10) different wildlife species rescued/confiscated were turned-over to the center for temporary custody and safekeeping. Some of these wildlife were released in the wildlife with proper documentation. Summarized hereunder are the wildlife species kept and are currently being maintained at the RWRC with their current status: 


The RWRC encountered difficulty in accepting turned-over, rescued, confiscated and donated wildlife species due to lack of manpower, expertise, tools and equipment, and cages. Meantime that these necessities have not yet been provided, donations and assistance from the Wildlife Farm Permit (WFP) holders within the region provided great help in the operation of the RWRC. The INA-Research, Inc. (INARP) donated five (5) monkey cages and the AVILON Wildlife Conservation Foundation and School of Practical Veterinary Management, Inc. provided technical assistance.